About Dave

I’m Dave. 32 years old and living a scattered life that I’m hoping to piece together into something more meaningful soon.

I grew up in a decent family setting. I guess. I was a quiet kid, for which some reasons may or may not be discussed in this forum. Though I wasn’t the most popular kid in school, I always felt like I belonged. My friends were amazing. My teachers were a huge influence on trying to become the person I wanted to be. I was in tune with things going on around me, which ultimately might have been the death of who I really need to be.

At the age of nine, my family moved from California to Washington State. It was horrible. My last class in California was on a Friday and the first class in Washington was that next Monday. I cried. A lot! Kids looked at me weird and I had no idea what was being taught since I got there a month after school had started. I was constantly being requested by the counselor in the middle of the school day. Not only was I pissed about how they were trying to help me, it made me look even worse to the kids who were making fun of me. When I started to refuse the counselor’s notes it made matters worse at home. No one gave a shit about why I was upset. I began to not care either. Eventually things got a little better but nothing quite like I wanted.

After stumbling my way through high school, I came out with a small handful of friends and even fewer friends that have been here for me up to this day. When I turned 21, I got my ex-girlfriend pregnant. There’s more to the story than I’ll include here but let’s just say my life took a crazy detour after that. I chose to handle the situation in a way that I felt was best. A lot of people have disdain for the choice(s) I made in the months and years after. Maekayla is a beautiful young girl who lives in an excellent home and has a Mom and Dad that truly love her. She is loved by me as well. I joke with her mom, “I sure got the right girl pregnant.” I moved to the other side of Washington State soon after that and bought a house with the next girlfriend. Needless to say, shit hit the fan. She cheated on me more times than I’ve had to re-type this thing because the WordPress app sucks. I left her after her last escapade while I was away for a week at training. She called to let me know she was home ok from the bar but she doesn’t know how she got home, or where the (our) car was, but not to worry because [some random guys names] were staying the night with her to keep her safe.

I moved out of course, had no friends and luckily had a 401k that I was able to cash out to get back on my feet. After my ‘rebound’ cleaned my apartment of everything except for a few clothes and various boxes of random papers, I was left wondering how I was going to get out of this one. I woke up one morning and got on my laptop to check out what military branch I would go into. (Luckily my computer was at work with me otherwise she would have taken that too).

English: Parachutist Badge.

September 11th was the first official day of basic training. Next comes AIT then Airborne School. One week of leave then onward to Fort Bragg North Carolina. Four weeks later I was stepping foot into Iraq. Deployment one was over and before we even got back to the states, the next deployment was already in our sights. After a teaser of six months, we were Iraq-bound once again.

Since I was about 18, I always wanted to open my own business. A restaurant to be more specific. As I prepared to get out of the military, I was scheming ways that I might be able to do just that. Through a mess of hurt feelings and tortured egos, Dave’s Burger Joint came alive. Two years later I sold it. Onward to truck driving school. A few months on the road and I was already done with the horrible living conditions with a disgusting individual that showered maybe twice a week. I came back to my ‘hometown’ and got a job for a tree service company. Eventually made it far enough to take on some climbing duties. One of the coolest things I’ve done for work.

A last-minute decision prompted me to go to Commercial Flight School with which the GI bill would pay for. Unfortunately it is in a place I’d rather not be. I don’t really even want to fly for a job. It’s the same reason I wouldn’t want to be a gynecologist. I don’t necessarily want to flip burgers as my legacy, but I loved the business I was in before. Update:

I finished flight school and ended up moving down to Southern California to begin a new life. I know there is a lot of unsettled business people have with me and honestly I could care less right now. Before I can offer anything to anybody I have to start getting my life back in order. Guilt is an amazingly horrible feeling to have and it makes me extremely unproductive.

For the lighter side of my life, I’m still single and almost ready to mingle. I’ve been quite accustomed to the single life for so many years but I realize that without consistent intimate interaction, life just isn’t what it could be. I’ve managed to reconnect with good friends in California and am able to make completely new friends that I hope can make my life that much better.

If you’ve gotten this far in my intro here, I congratulate you. I hope to gain some interest here and hopefully be able to make a part of someone’s day just a little bit better by showing that it’s perfectly ok to be open and candid about your life. My story is nothing near what I want it to be, but I hope through sharing this I can find some motivation to make it what it needs to be.


7 comments on “About Dave

  1. Wow, Dave, your life has been one adventure after another! So many joys and lessons, huh? Thanks so much for visiting my blog, and I wish you the greatest success in your writing endeavors this coming year. Looking forward to hearing how things go.

    • Thank you, Tammy. I appreciate the message. There’s a lot of gaps that I’d like to fill in my life and though most of this idea is for me, I really hope to reach out to people as time goes on. To gather someone’s attention for merely a few minutes is all I am looking for. I look to other blogs such as yours, not because I’m trying to blast-off into this networking/readership realm, but because I truly appreciate what people are sharing about life as they see it.
      Thank You.

  2. Dave, I’ve been flowing your blog since day one and just wanted to say that it feels good to read it. I hope it feels this good to write it. Just to read about another fellows daily and past life, the good and the bad, helps push my own forward nudge by nudge. You short entries inspire me to be more open and honest with myself and all of the people who surround me. I hope it can be an inspiration to many like myself. Thanks for writing as for I much enjoy and look forward to reading.

  3. wow you sure had your share of life experience so far..and glad to see that you dare to share it with us…bravo…and I am glad that you are living life the way you want and chasing your dreams…respect for you my friend 🙂

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