Day 365…

Won’t bore anybody with one of those long ‘wrap-up’ blogs. I did it… although I missed a handful of days throughout the year, I wrote for an entire year straight. I feel pretty darn good about the whole thing really. I’ve ended up right about where I thought I would in life and the fun is just about to get started.

I am more than appreciative of all the people who have read my blog. I know it’s not the ‘coolest’ thing to read but I tried to be as candid and open about my feelings on things as I could. I wish I could have been more to everybody but I say one last time, this blog was really about me, not you… It was to fall in love with the reader. I did. Everyday, the highlight of looking at my phone was to see WordPress notifications of comments or ‘likes’. Truly.

For the assholes that liked to read it then judge me for it, I hope you get what’s coming to you.

So here here to the year of ’13. May we all find a better way to live and love thine neighbor… and that we all get laid a little more than last year…

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