Life learned on YouTube…

Has anyone else realized that you can learn just about anything from YouTube now? Fly a plane, quilt a blanket, repair a three phase motor, cook an amazing chicken dinner, sail a boat… It’s almost overwhelming to think that so much knowledge is shared. How could one person not take advantage of it all? Why don’t we?

Seems to me that a trend in our western (and some eastern) culture is to get accredited education. It makes sense for some professional occupations of course, and for the most part it serves it’s purpose. When it comes down to it, so many things that are learned on the rote level of upper level classes can be simplified on a medium such as YouTube. Of course it doesn’t make up for commonsense or perseverance attributes that come with a more traditional education.

I noticed this when I’ve been spending some time learning about some new web development technologies. All these crazy nerds like to overcomplicate the explanation of things. Kind of like lawyers when they talk about law things. Ask a ‘school trained’ developer how to change the background picture of a website and though there are a lot of ways you can do it, you’ll probably get the runaround on a simple solution. Why would they spend all those years in school to expose that this task could be nothing more than adding a line of code. All you have to do now it type something in google and viola! No need to search through libraries of textbooks just to find answers that should be simple enough to understand.

The problem I see here is that there is less and less practical value in getting a formal education in a lot of disciplines. Or should I say, there seems to be less value in the education as it is taught nowadays. The validity is of course another argument of formal vs. social information gathering.  I try to look at ‘Wiki’ information objectively for obvious reasons, but for the most part, what is being shared can be deciphered to have some practical validity. Now, I shall go watch a YouTube video on how to build a spaceship to get to the moon.


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