The daily deuce…

Shit happens. It’s just a way of life really. You win some, you lose some, you get to experience the pleasure of the brighter side until reality steps in and rips you back by the skin of your neck and say ‘where do you think you’re going?’

I’m not a gamer by any means. I barely like to play monopoly anymore. I was doing some random web surfing today and came across a trailer for some new-fangled video game on the new X-Box thing. Cool graphics, interesting story line… Then I got to the part where it explains how to do this and that to earn money to buy a bigger ship and weapons to overcome the enemy… Blah blah blah… I lost interest right there. It feels a little too much like real life.

I guess they’re called role playing games. Strategies of gathering resources and skills and spending them at the opportune times to increase your level of status in the game. Kinda like Sim City right? I was never good at it because in my opinion, some nerds that write these games find ways where there is really only specific ways to win. Your conditions have to be spot on, otherwise some logical statement within the game finds a way to rip you down to mere nothing and you have to start over. Once you play a game over and over, you can start to see the basic ‘if-then’ theories behind this form of entertainment.

Its a little like being an adult. In real life. We live our days with the idea that we are free to roam amongst others and are in total control of our destiny.

We’re not. We can’t escape it. Even if we travel to foreign lands, we will find ourself in the grips of those who have control over us. Like the cheeto-eatin mofos that play online games and hide in a corner and shoot you every time you come back to life. You can’t win unless you do that itsy-bitsy little thing that gets you out of the situation.

So my question is ‘why not?’ Why not live a life expecting at some point there will be some Jabba the Hut anomaly that inevitably will get in your way? We rise, we fall… We love each other and we hurt each other. It’s a game that doesn’t allow everyone to win all the time but there’s nothing wrong with accepting the fact that someone else has more leverage than you. You can drop your weapons, your resources, your dreams and you can succumb to the undeserved power of others. Not because you are weak but because you know that as you rise up from nothing, you will come out that much stronger.


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