Eating out…

Nothing motivates me more to open a place of my own again like eating out at restaurants with excellent potential but shitty service. I’m waited tables enough times in my life to know that there’s more to life than being an asshole to people that are paying your paycheck. I’m not a believer in ‘the customer is always right’ but until the customer proves themselves to be an asshole to you, be extra nice to them. Snotty, shitty-ass bitche waitresses have no right to make any guest feel like they are an imposition. Went out tonight with some friends and the food was good and the service was pretty much on par with the level of business that was going on but the server/waitress seemed to be a bit too snotty for her own good.

Nothing specifically bad by any means, but nothing worth the reason anyone wants to go eat at a place like that. I dunno, talk to us, check up on the table, see how things are… work your tip…

I work a job making barely over minimum wage. How’s that for a guy that has done six solid years of military service, built and ran his own restaurant, gotten a commercial pilot license, managed businesses, traveled the country, can run circles around these kids coming fresh out of school… I still take pride in the work I do without taking it too seriously. Shitty attitudes have no place in the service sector.

So why don’t I put my money where my mouth is? Because I’m on a path that is my own. It’s not about the money. It’s not about the status. It’s about having a solid foundation in which to really build something on. I can’t explain any further what that is. If we all knew what it was, things would make sense for a lot more people out there… Otherwise, keep exposing your character no matter what kind of job you have or how much you make…


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