To a stranger…

Hypothetical post of sorts. I’m void of ideas right now so I’m formulating something from ‘googled’ blog ideas. If I had to spend an hour with a stranger stuck on a carnival ride, what would we talk about? No cellphones…

I guess it would depend on what kind of person it was. Easy way out, I know. Let’s say it was a person of the same gender, ten years younger. Immediately I’d probably start talking about girls. I’d ask him about his girlfriend or maybe girls he has been with. Maybe his type. This is a fail-safe topic I believe for guys to talk about. Assuming one or both isn’t gay. Then I guess talking about girls still might apply in different terms. Anyways, it’s amazing how much a guy can be set at ease when he’s allowed to talk candidly about women in his life (or women he wants in his life). There’s almost always some common ground, and as masculine as some guys try to act they really are big soft crybabies at heart. They like to talk about having that special someone to share their life with… or maybe just to bitch about it…

Sports is a difficult one for me. I love baseball and can tolerate football. Regardless of any sport I may or may not like, I don’t seem to have the mentality to talk about players or teams in terms that most guys (and some girls) do. ‘Oh yea, Roberts has been excellent on defense this year, but McWill has shown to be the game lead in the third quarter when playing against the Pumpers…’ I can’t do it… It’s not my thing. Even things I’m interested in, I can’t talk like that. Aviation? Love it! but do I want to sit and talk about approach charts or VFR rules? Not really… I’d rather just fly and experience it.

So what else could I talk to a stranger about? There was a cool video I saw on the internet a while ago where people where forced to sit in a container of balls with a stranger. Even better was a video where two random people were asked to pose for pictures as if they were a close couple or family. I marvel at the effect these little social experiments have on people. I wouldn’t mind trying to do something of these sorts. How can we get people to come together on a common ground?

Time to sleep


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