Just another day…

Yup, elephants are being raised by the peg legged stomper tribe living above me. I’m about to go to my neighbors below me and ask if I stomp around day in and day out like a pouty little three year old. It’s one part of psychology that intrigued me when I took a few courses. It’s something I always observed but thanks to edumacation it can be summarized in a formal manner. Truth is, I can’t remember which psychologist to cite. Anyways, it’s about the life cycle of humans. A child is born being very reliant on its parents. Through some other stages, a child is at a point where they have a self centered viewpoint. Experiments have been done to have kids describe an object, but it is noted that they can’t comprehend what it might look like from another perspective. Anyone who has taken psychology 101 knows what I’m talking about for sure. Anyways, it seems that grown ass adults haven’t moved beyond that stage of development. Politicians, business folk, managers, dmv attendants, other drivers, annoying neighbors… So on and so on.

I struggle with this concept on a regular basis. Goes back to basic consideration for other people in this world. Sometimes I’m even guilty of passing off my frustrations on others and given them undo inconsiderate behavior. Like the bitches in the grocery stores that block the aisles with their carts. I’ll be the first one to push someone’s cart aside or if I’m in a real hurry, I’ll side swipe it with my cart if they’re being pompous about leaving it right in the fuckin middle. Do I seem like an angry grocery shopper? I hate shopping.

Anyways, I truly believe some people make a conscious effort to be inconsiderate. Like a prior roommate (kid) who would be nice and quiet while the other roommate was sleeping, but if I was sleeping he’d stomp around like a jackass slamming shit and making his presence well known in the house. Luckily they unfriended me on Facebook… Some people I think have a general un-concern for others in their realm of existence. Like the elephants upstairs. I’m sure they’re nice people, and their damn yappy-dog is probably real nice too. Thing is, I don’t really fault them as individuals for it. For whatever reason, they feel entitled to act a certain way in their apartment and I don’t blame them. It’s just annoying.

Oh and one more thought. Most all traffic problems could be solved by people understanding how to shotgun a beer. Or better yet, the quickest way to empty a bottle of fluid when you turn it upside down. Poke a hole in the back. Ok, not totally a great analogy but have you ever realized how merging lanes create a bottleneck? Ever get pissed at the one person who camps out in the merging lane not allowing anyone to pass and squeeze in at the last minute? I’m one of those people. If everyone started their merging well before the lane actually merges, traffic would move so much smoother. Simple psychology says however, that’ll never work. At least not Americans.


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