Slow it down…

I noticed something today. I work a little too aggressively. It’s no fault of any sort, but it doesn’t fit in with many others. Now, I don’t always have much energy but when something needs to be done, it should in fact, be done. And my disclaimer as well, everyone deserves a little slack time. That being said, I’m constantly frustrated by the sloth like movements of other people. Like the fat-ass in the grocery store who sees you coming down the aisle yet leaves the cart right in the middle and stands right in my damn way. Or maybe the asshole that has nowhere pressing to go on the highway but decides to speed up just to cut me off and slow down.

Sometimes I’ll lose track of myself and forget where I stand on things when I get too far ahead of myself. I’ve been thinking heavily about trying to get myself back into a business, and win or lose, I don’t think I’ll be able to stop myself once I get my momentum going. I’m seeing some possibilities arise and aside from having some hesitations about doing something all alone again , I am afraid I might overshoot a fork in the road and end up barreling through the weeds before I know what hits me. Working a part time job at a coffee house (name withheld) brings me back to reality on a regular basis that my strengths lie somewhere beyond a simple career with a simple company. I don’t have the diploma to land a crazy awesome position with a company so my only real option is to create it myself. I figure if I don’t, I’ll get bored with what I have to settle with and will never be happy.


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