I’ve become quite a bit more comfortable giving people the ‘are you fucking serious?’ look. Some people are a little too ignorant to even notice I do it, but I think some get the point. Albeit they take a little too much offense to it.

This school I’m in right now was a total waste of my time. If you read my blog, you’ve heard me say it before. Some of the things people say on these online discussions is quite comical. It’s more os comical because I understand fully that no one really cares about them. It’s a technicality of having to complete the class. I’ll still participate as much as I can while matching the level of interest of others as much as I can.

God damnit, is there elephants living above me? Fat asses that can only walk on their heels? making me lose my limited train of thought tonight.

Anyways, something actually got me kinda heated while reading one of the posts from someone. It was suggested that young people out of high school should go through basic training of sorts and earn a free college education for it. Are you fucking kidding me? Now, I know this is simply a discussion in a basic class at a very limited credibility school, but it brought to light the attitude of a lot of people out there who expect a handout for the minimal amount of work possible. I do believe that the discipline of any military experience helps in monumental ways, but to say that simple basic training is all one needs is asinine.

Running from mortars was easier than the feeling of having to sit through the playing of taps countless times. Arriving home only to realize that the country we stood up for treats the military like scum sometimes outweighs the sleepless nights missing your loved ones back home. Or wishing you had a reason to go home. Watching grown, hardened men cry is something I never thought would bring me to my knees. The pain and suffering of even our enemies was sometimes unbearable. War is the dumbest fuckin’ thing on earth, but we had a role to fill and we had to stand proud in the face of enemies as well as every lazy ass piece of shit that expects everything to be handed to them.

I am not big on trying to boast about my time in the military or what I did or didn’t do. Seems that everyone has a ‘cousin’ or ‘friend’ or ‘brother’ in the service anyways. Some people have cooler stories than others, and some just went along for the ride. Kudos to either for stickin’ it out. Regardless of how dumb war is, veterans have stood up for the supposed greater good of our people. right or wrong, the people that rely on the freedoms that a veteran has afforded them, owe us something more valuable than anything else… to shut their damn mouths when they think they deserve something special just because they are an ‘American.’ You are an American because of that old fart that all the kids make fun of for wearing that funny looking hat with all the pins in it. You are an American because of the drunken old sailor who sits and drinks endlessly at the bar because everyone in his whole world has either died or betrayed him. You are an American because people worked a hell of a lot harder fifty years ago than these twits growing up nowadays realize. You are an American because of the nerdy looking kid that can’t polish a boot right or tie his own tie, yet decides to sign his life away dying for these sorry ass motherfuckers wanting a free ride from the government… Yet he can’t even go to the bar and share a drink with the World War Two Vet who silently watches this country turn into a shit hole. Right or wrong, he stood up for himself, his family and for everyone unable to physically contribute to the cause. He stood up for the people a hundred years from now to look back on and realize that what we have isn’t because of some fat-ass welfare receiving baby-making ‘American’ who sucks every bit of entitlement from the government. The government who is pissing all over what every veteran has sacrificed for. We can’t have a gun without crazy rules, we can’t run a business without jumping through crazy hoops. Hell, it’s more legal to beg for money on a street corner than it is to sell something that you worked your ass off to create. No wonder Veterans are so fucked up…

So I will make an effort to no longer be quiet when I hear some dimwitted comment about how ‘Veterans’ get a handout… You know what made going to war easy? Realizing that it’s a very real possibility you may not come out alive. In fact, the ones that didn’t come out alive are the lucky ones. Their families and loved ones not so much. Disagree if you will with the institution of military and it’s apparent purpose nowadays, but do not ever, ever remove any veteran from a pedestal that they absolutely deserve to stand on for your sorry ass. They’ll remove themselves because they realize that they are mere mortal beings that not only have what it takes to give their life for something greater, they also know how to be humble about what they did and the strength it takes to stand in the face of other’s who think they deserve all the glory.

Rant done for the night…

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