I used to be a pretty big fan of Christmas. Until I realized that it has turned into another Hallmark Holiday. I think the last time I bought anyone Christmas gifts was when I had my diner. I think I only bought gifts for my three main employees and that was it. I felt kinda dirty doing even that, but I had to find a fail safe way to show my appreciation. Other than that, gift giving is for the birds.

The biggest thing I miss from the Holidays, is the coming together of family and friends. I used to love going to my grandparents house when all the cousins, aunts, uncles friends would be there. It was too cool. Being a kid and experiencing those things was great… And it really wasn’t the gifts. Blah blah blah… Not even remotely sentimental about it tonight.

One of the greatest times I’ve had in recent history during the holidays was when I took a trip to Tennessee last year about this time. The drive-through light display, Dollywood, the cool Christmas decorating around Gatlinburg… No family… Just a good friend. That’s all I needed. And then I returned back to Washington and sat on my ass for Christmas. It was perfect! Well, not really, but it was a hell of a lot better than feeling sorry for myself and expecting some sort of magical movie-like scene to come out and everyone around me is happy and cheery and dancing…

I guess I’m kind of like the Scrooge on Christmas… Except I’m not rich and at this point in my life I don’t have much influence on anyone.

I don’t want to buy shit for anyone this year… And I don’t want anything from anyone this year.. Or any year… It has become so commercialized that the only thing I notice during gift giving is a guilt of having to either buy the right thing, or react in a way to what you’ve been given so you don’t offend the person who gave the thing to you. It’s dumb.

And a tree? I think the idea is cool… I mean, if for no other reasons than tradition, it’s a neat thing to do. But will I get a tree for my apartment? Not a chance.. So I can come home after work and have it smack me in the face that I’m not really close to having what I really want for Christmas?

My two cents… Anyone that has kids and starts a tradition like Christmas… Keep the department stores out of it and never neglect what the holidays really mean. Another two cents… Where the hell did Christmas go?


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