I’ve found quite a few things in life that I wish I could have a little more intimate experience with. I’m a pretty conservative guy and my stories are getting old. I feel at times that I’m too old to try new things, but then again, I still got another forty years or so of life left… time’s a tickin…

I’m trying to get a somewhat reasonable life back in order. Ya know, just a good ol’ job, some hobbies and maybe a few nights of fun here and there. I’ve done a little too much ‘licking of the spoon’ in my life to really feel like I deserve something more. Actually, what I think I’m doing at this point is trying to set up a ‘bait-life’. Trying to find a perfect mix of normalcy to spin around into a ball of craziness. Though I’m happy about committing a large part of this year to completing this blog, I might spend next year trying to fill it with things I can actually feel good writing about.


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