The right question…

After a long day of work, I spent a good portion of my afternoon having a ‘heated’ debate with the dean of this ridiculous school that I chose to attend. Of all that was said, I mentioned to her that all I am ultimately trying to do at this point is not waste any more of my GI Bill benefits and need to be able to attend a different school. Aside from having to pay out of pocket for this school, I’m beyond ‘unhappy’ at this point. Of course her role was to downplay any fault they had on their behalf. The highlight I just realized is that when I told her I’m going to another school she said “Good, then you’ll know the right questions to ask ahead of time.” Wait a second now… I asked this school all the right questions and they fucking lied to me. I asked all the questions on purpose on multiple occasions and here I am stuck in a situation that I can’t call anyone to bail me out of. No big deal right?

So what IS the right question to ask anyone about anything? I did my due diligence when it came to making sure all the ducks were in a row. I did what I was required to do to hold up my end of the bargain. I’m not the ignorant one here. I may have made a dumb mistake choosing a school with a horrible track record of their treatment of Veterans, but that in no way makes me liable for their lies. It’s not my first rodeo either. Just spent two years getting flight school paid for without a single hitch. Why can’t these yahoo’s figure out simple accounting, let alone telling the truth…


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