Odds are…

In my spare time I trade currencies. It’s a real nominal amount of money. Nothing worth suing me over. I’ve dabbled in huge realm of futures, stock, options and currencies for about thirteen years or so and though the money isn’t there to speak for my experience, the lessons learned are proving to be valuable beyond measure. I came up with a semi-easy strategy for greater profit potential. Reality is, it’s all a game of chance. Being the little guy in the game, we never actually know with certainty where the market is heading. If we did, I can tell you we’d all be millionaires… Yet if we were all millionaires, where would the money come from? The losers of course.

With my new system I have to be right half the time to make money. What does being ‘right’ consist of? Simply a price movement of a certain degree in a given direction. That’s all. I could flip a coin and odds are I’d make just as much money as someone who spends all day every day studying the markets. It’s nothing secret, it’s nothing revolutionary… It consists of things that so many of us forget about even in our day to day life.

You win some, you lose some…

It’s all relative to the big picture really. In my system, my losses seem like a lot and my gains don’t seem to outweigh the losses by much. So how is it possible to get ahead? I keep the total loss and total gain in perspective. If I made three million but lost two million… I still just made an assload of money, right? It’s a question of how much am I willing to allow myself to go before I get scared and chase the downtrend in hopes of catching the entire ride back to the top? It’s not only a tragic mistake of investors, it’s a tragic mistake of life in general.

I’m still trying to finalize a more concise picture on this new strategy but so far I feel a million times better about it that any arbitrary piece of advice I get from someone who simply analyzes the past instead of the present.

As some of my readers might have figured out, I like to correlate trivial activities of my life into the bigger picture of human interaction. This strategy is no different. I can’t be upset at things that don’t work out. It’s the natural flow of things. If I chase after it like I would a dying trade position, I’ll find myself worn out and void of any hope that things will turn around. I get reactive and am always behind the natural flow of order.

We can’t always plan ahead for the next big break in life. We also can’t discount the fact that there will inevitably be some crashes. If we can manage to hedge our bets in a systematic and disciplined manner we should be able to prosper… Right? In my life I’ve managed to ride the downtrend while losing myself expecting the whole thing to turn around at every little uptick I saw. It’s time to slow it down, believe in a systematic approach to everything I do and share it with others when it does work… As planned. Or not…


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