So today was a mess of a day all in all. No matter what I tried to do I simply couldn’t get ahead of myself to take a breather. Spent the morning at the school, the bank, the other school, the traffic, the apartment…. Blah… And then I was humbled by a booger.

It was a moderately busy day today at work and I typically can run the bar (I make coffee) by myself as long as the support is there. Coffee house stories I’m sure no one here cares about. There was a line out the door and the pressure was on. I had a good flow goin’ and things started working out just fine. All the machines worked as they should, other employees seemed to be on the same wavelength, customers were overall very pleasant. And then I felt it. It worked its way from the upper reaches of my cavernous sinus pathways to the rim of my left nostril… I twitched and wiggled to alleviate the feeling and hopefully this booger that felt like the size of a chocolate truffle hanging, waiting to be dropped into a drink as the audience of customers looked on. I had to keep my head down just in case it was still visible. I found an opportunity to sneak away for two seconds and run to the back. Looked in the mirror and viola! No booger. Nothing, nada… I tilted back, forward, to the side… Nope… No booger… It was the elusive ghost booger. How the hell do I get rid of it?

I had to filter my interaction because of a perceived issue I had with myself. If I would have known there was nothing peeking out of my nose I could have been quite a bit more interactive with people and maybe made the entire experience better. I second guessed the ever popular bicep-nose clear just in case.

Sometimes we just have to let things happen and be who we are no matter what. No need to overthink it. I mean, the guy at the coffee house making your morning latte with a drippy oozy slime ball hanging from the scent-sory mechanism of his face isn’t the most appetizing thing, but it’s never really as bad as it sounds. I tend to be pretty comfortable in my own skin yet I find myself in situations where I care a little too much about how I’m perceived by others.

Who cares really? I’m no there to judge anybody and I’m also not here to be judged by others. I gotta find a way to stop caring so much what I might look like or act like towards other people…


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