I have a love affair with coffee. It’s a bit of a confusing relationship though. Sometimes I’m extremely faithful and other times I stray. I’ll go weeks drinking nothing but tea and juice while my coffee unknowingly sits in the corner and weeps for my attention. It gets back at me sometimes though. If I don’t treat it right, I’ll down a cup or two in the morning and it reminds me at the most inopportune time who is really in charge.

It has been there for me in some of the hardest of times. Even more so than alcohol. If I feel lonely, I can get my social fix in by going down to the local ‘bucks and simply grabbing a good old cup of brewed black coffee. If I feel a bit too crowded, it’s like a form of meditation for me. I can sit wherever I want and sip on a cup for hours. Just me and the coffee.

What better way to start a date than grabbing a cup of coffee. What better way to talk about changing the world than by grabbing a cup of coffee. What better way to share some love than by grabbing a cup of coffee… It will keep the conversation going by offering warmth to cold hands which would otherwise warrant an escape from the environment. Nothing to say? Take a sip… Or two… It needs no explanation.

It reminds us that we have to take life down a notch every now and then. Every flavor and every nuance of the aroma can trigger memories we didn’t even know we had. One sip and you can be sitting in a garden with a golden retriever by your side. The next sip you can be on a forty foot sailboat waiting for the fog to pass in the harbor, listening to the eerie sound of a distant halyard slapping a mast. It may remind you of grandparents or friends long passed. It may remind you of waking up after the craziest of nights. The kind of night where you don’t know what happened after you said ‘I’ll have another!’, yet the person who brought you home is the person sharing that cup with you the next morning. It could be the cup you remember drinking as you saw the movies come to real life when to he towers fell.

There’s something about coffee that goes beyond the taste and texture. Its a drug of course, loaded with caffeine… It brings us to a place we all want to be and that place is different for every one of us. A cup of coffee would help me write so much more about it than now, but I’m tired… Must sleep…


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