Beat down…

After a much needed power nap tonight I woke up ever so slowly with a few text messages and some muddled Facebook browsing. I came across a video/story about the beating death of Kelly Thomas in Fullerton, 2011. A homeless guy, sitting on a bench trying to make sense of the cop’s instructions ends up being beaten beyond recognition. What got my blood to boil was hearing on the video his pleads for help and saying he’s sorry.

I’m not one to throw out ‘bad-cop’ stories because I have faith that a good majority of cops follow through with integrity throughout their career, but this video was along the line of Rodney King kinda maddening…

Being beat uncontrollably by someone else is all too familiar to me. I can forgive certain people for doing what they do. The guy that tied me up and beat me almost unconscious during the robbery in ’98 had a viable reason to do so. He was scared. Doesn’t make it right, but he wanted money and he was lost for solutions when he realized I couldn’t get him the money out of the safe. Criminal he was, so he continued to act as a criminal. I forgive him for his stupid decision.

Some people I can’t forgive. Some people can pull this strange kind of evil from deep within their souls and have no regard for what goes on in another human’s head. I bet you these cops still think they did nothing wrong, even though the proof is in the pudding. They had no reason to justify their mind numbing decision to lose all control. If a violent gang member beats another person to death it is oddly more accepted than a trusted person of the law doing the same.

Hearing the screams from the guy in the video makes me hurt inside imagining the darkness and evil he had to endure in those last moments of his life. Who do you cry out to when the ones to save you are the ones who kill you? What the hell kind of karma must one have acquired to have to endure that? Wherever that guy goes after his death I sure hope he gets taken care of tenfold. It’s beyond helpless feelings that I can barely imagine going though his mind at that time.

At that moment in time, I found myself transitioning to watching it objectively since sometimes people provoke these actions, to realizing that we are closer and closer to living in a police state, to realizing that socio-political factors are child’s play compared to the obscenities we as humans spew from our actions. This is beyond needing to love each other. This is beyond a simple picket line protesting injustices. This is beyond separation of social classes. Kelly Thomas was one man, of many, who have sacrificed in ways they never thought possible to hint and nudge to the people that real hardcore change is in order. His homelessness seems trivial compared to the impact he’s had because of his sacrifice.

We are restrained. Seeing this video makes me wish I wasn’t simply one person. My words here may never reach a vast audience to do anything more than cause another uptick in activity against the establishment. Without the fire inside me exploding out of this sad body of mine like a nuclear explosion, I have to accept that these are things we are born to accept as the way life is here on earth.

Sometimes I wish I wasn’t simply one person only able to write about my opinion.


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