Seems to not be on my side for some reason. Why do we have to conform to time standards such as what we have now? I’m mean sure, we follow the movement of the earth around the sun etc etc, but what’s the point of staying confined to these limitations? I learned when I was building my restaurant that time that other people operate on is quite different than mine. I busted my ass to get the place built yet was constantly being pushed back in my opening date because I couldn’t get the support needed to get my kitchen hood installed and certified. Sadly, a month and a half after my projected opening date and rent of four thousand dollars due already, someone finally got off their ass to finish the job. Since I’m not ‘certified’ to do certain parts of it I had to wait for someone else. The entire process took about two days? Soo, why couldn’t it have been done much sooner? Who knows and who cares…

I like to work alone a lot of times because I don’t have to rely on someone else carrying their own weight, let alone holding up their end of the bargain. I think it’s really about leverage too. You go buy something with your debit card and the money is taken out of your account before the card is even handed back to you. But if you get money refunded on use card, of course it takes several days. It’s funny when you end up learning how the electronic transfer systems really work with banks and the like. You realize that we as ‘normal people’ other wise known as ‘sheep’ are subject to the rules set forth by people who simply have a hell of a lot more money than us. I recently had to withdrawal some money out of an account to fix my car… I was initially told that it would take about three days. Ugh, right? I explained the urgency of the matter and the guy (who has no personal interest in keeping my money) said he’d release the funds same day. Crazy thing, sharply at midnight, the funds were already in my bank account. So, this is proof to my knowledge that these ‘processing times’ are some bullshit excuse for others to maintain irrational control over others. Kind of like the reason you have to turn off your electronic devices in a plane. It’s not because it will interfere with navigational equipment, it’s because they want people to be paying attention to the flight attendant briefing and to be able to function properly if anything goes wrong. I digress…

Random tangent on this one but it’s late and I’m tired. I have an alarm to wake up to… To go and try to make money to survive… Because that’s why we’ve been put on this planet… Right?

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