I’m behind my quota for the year for posts, and I got a quick little motivation to write something a bit more.

I decided to do this blog thingy for reasons that I don’t expect many to understand. Though I am very cognizant of how I’m perceived by others, I could really care less what people think when they berate me and talk shit about me. The general tone of my posts ( I think ) has been about needing more compassion among people. Less guilt and more love. I don’t feel guilty about the decisions I’ve made anymore.

We as humans are a few button pushes away from being obliterated. Even if not for the devices in which we created ourselves, we are nothing more than a glitch in time. All this judgement and ill-emotion we experience here on earth makes me believe that this is some sort of hell that we live in. Knowing this, I can’t reasonably dwell on the past, regardless of who says that I’m being the asshole.

There’s got to be more than what we have here. Our lives have grown to rely on things that we have created out of basic elements afforded to us on this planet. Generations of families have sustained themselves on the fact that we create wars. Complete ideologies have been created as well as sources of incomes from the fact that humans are becoming pros at drawing a line in the sand and expecting everyone else to stay where they belong. We’ve based success on the arbitrary concept of currency and what it can do for us instead of how far we’ve advanced as spiritual beings. When all is lost, what will we have? Just like the movies, when cities crumble and the infrastructure we’ve come to rely on is gone, I don’t see any way that we will be able to function. Looting will be commonplace but what good will that 60″ TV do if we don’t have the electricity to power it or satellites to send a signal so you can watch your favorite episode of House?

I’m a reasonably passive person but I’m also very very opinionated. People judge me for it and though I get irritated, I think it’s funny. It’s funny because the more I hear about all the wrong things I do with myself, the more I remind myself that I’ve got no business worrying about these trivial things. I’ve voiced my opinion a few times about how I can’t wait to die. Not anytime soon though. There’s too much havoc to be wreaked here on earth to want to die now. I can’t wait to see where we ‘go’ when we die. I can’t wait to be done with so much uncertainty of our lives here on earth. I think this is really a stopover point for who we are as souls. Even the best of the best of lives that can be lived here on earth can’t be the best there ever is. There’s got to be a better way to live than destroying an amazing functional device known as the Human Body just so we can ‘impress the ladies.’ I mean really, we destroy our bodies. For decades your heart never stops beating yet we feed it with anxiety and stress for the sake of creating a superficial life that does nothing to demonstrate the full power and potential of who we are as human beings. In a way I wonder if we aren’t actually meant to advance any further than what we have. I mean, we’ve been given amazing tools to create a utopia of a planet yet we shit on it and expect someone else to clean up the mess.


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