I’m really annoyed lately at work. Not because I have a lot of personal vestment in it, but because regardless of my position, I want to love what I do and I want other people to be happy with what I provide to them. Working with immature (business-wise) people is difficult when you see the results of their actions yet you can’t do anything about it. I constantly have to remind myself that I’m only here for my paycheck and I get to go home in a few hours.

Customer service is a waning commodity. I can’t stand fake and un-genuine conversation from anyone. Why would I expect a perfect stranger to want to converse with me on a level that is obviously fake? I get caught up in ‘routine’ when I’m working under direction of others. These ‘others’ are the dispatchers I’ve written about in the past. Call them middle managers or whatever you want.

The role of a manager at any level in an organization is to implement and enforce the guidelines and directives while allowing for the human factor. If it wasn’t for the human factor, we wouldn’t need ‘bosses’ because if a standard of operation is set, there woudl be no reason to expect it would be deviated from. Truth is, people have their own ways of thinking of how things should be. Just like the little twerp that argued with me when I hired him to hold a sign pointing people to my restaurant. “You should really think about… blah blah blah…”… I said, “You should really think about going and doing what I hired you for …”

My ideas are nowhere near perfect but of some things I speak about in my life, I have some pretty darn good experience. Whether people think about these things or not, I believe it is a cause of unproductive individuals and organizations. Too many chiefs and not enough indians right? Lately when I find myself in these situations, I let my mind go. I slow down to a level that I actually feel really uncomfortable at. In the midst of a crazy crowd, if someone comes to me for something they need, I want to devote all my energy to them at that moment. If not, I’m simply the annoying twerp that belts out “Welcome to Bob’s Crab Shack” really loud as someone walks through the door while everyone else looks up to see what the big commotion is about.

I really need to get my ass in gear…


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