Math is stupid…

A short little rant about school. Math is not my thing. It used to be fun when I had nothing better to worry about, such as when I was in Junior High. I remember showing up a few minutes early to class, finishing the entire assignment for the day and the homework for the night and then being able to spend the rest of the class period making each other pass out… (Maybe that’s why I don’t like math anymore). Math came super easy. It actually comes pretty easy to me now if I can quiet my mind down enough to apply the processes to the equations. I think I feel guilty immersing myself in this stuff though. I mean, I understand the underlying purpose of math involves critical thinking and problem solving abilities and blah blah blah but I’m done with trying to be ‘tricked’ into these skills by doing things that I really could care less about now.

Again, education is extraordinarily important for so many people on all levels, but just like a fish can’t be reasonably expected to climb a tree, some of us need to evaluate what we are really doing with ourselves. Do I really want to suffer through these truly rote level topics just to get to a higher level of information shared out of an outdated textbook simply to be slightly more employable at a job that I’m probably not even going to enjoy? Nope, not this guy… Time to change gears a bit…


2 comments on “Math is stupid…

  1. Oh geeze… try Kahn Academy if you need some extra help. Yeah, you probably won’t need this stuff in the real world, but I think a degree is more like a merit badge than a real measure of your intelligence.

    • I think I remember that being recommended before. Truth of it is, I can understand the math but I think I purposely purge it from my head. So much to the point where I sit in one of these classes and am presented with super easy stuff, like factoring simple polynomials, and I stare at it blankly. I have to kickstart my mind into thinking about it and then I can bust out all kinds of stuff. I really enjoy exercising my mind, but this crap makes me want to drink. A lot.

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