Cheap protein…

I finally figured out where my hellacious headaches have been coming from lately. Unless it’s some crazy tumor, I think it’s because I’m trying some new protein shake. This shit sucks. I bought it because the sales guy at this little supplement shop rattled off all kinds of cool ingredients and cheaper cost blah blah blah… Little did I realize it has some artificial sweetener which is the primary reason I believe I’m getting mind numbing headaches. I was sitting here tonight minding my own business, not going out for any particular reason and I had a glass with a scoop… I wanna die right now….

There’s a reason I don’t like to buy cheap shit… cheap anything really. The Ikea pots and pans for example. Good deal, but holy dog shit they suck. Went to drain some noodles and the handle twisted around and I dumped the whole damn pot of hot water in the sink at once splashing boiling water up in my face.

I can’t write anymore! I think I might go run my head into the wall to make it feel a bit better….

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