What’s with the lack of meaningful blog posts from me lately? I mean, I have a ton of stuff on my mind but when I finally sit down with my iPad to write… My mind just stops. Period. In a way that’s a good thing for me. It’s my release of all the stress I put on myself. I liken it to humbling myself by singing karaoke. I’ll never be a singer of any talent, but sometimes a person just needs to get up and sing a drunken rendition of ‘sweet child of mine’ to bring the spaceship back to earth.

My writing journey here is a little like that. As much as I would love to hone my skills and become a columnist or even a blogger for a major news agency, I have to accept the reality of things. I feel better throwing words out on the page that have no real structure or purpose aside from someone wanting a little something to pass the time. I guess it could change at any given moment, but one may never know until they try right?

It’s a bit like this damn school I’m going to. It’s a waste of my hard earned GI Bill benefits. I’m thinking of going for some sort of professional certification instead of this half-assed bachelor program and maybe if I’m bored I’ll go get a bachelor from a real school someday. I will admit, a part of me wants to get a bachelor degree for the image of it. I mean, I need to impress people right? Right? Bullshit. I know I don’t have to impress anyone. Thing is, the people that are in charge of hiring most places (that pay a good wage out of the gate) can’t understand the worth of someone who has done more with their life than most other people who only have a four year degree under their belt.

It’s time to start thinking serious about a business again. Yup… I going there..l


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