I’m so damn tired right now. I can feel my karma nipping at my heels. What’s next? Luckily I’m in a place I really enjoy and have some more fanning of the flames inside me to do something bigger and better with myself, for others. I would just really like to see some sort of light soon. I’m tired of having to play the games of the people that abuse the power they have over people like me. Just like this damn school financial aid refund… They say now they’ve sent the check out. Sooo, what about the fact that I set up direct deposit for my refunds? I’m sick of these damn people. The damn school isn’t even going to be worth it. My $4000 truck driving school has paid me much bigger dividends than any of this ‘traditional school’ idea seems to. Even if I wanted to do something with my commercial pilot license, I’d be scraping the bottom of the barrel working with idiots and I know me, I’d get sick of it real quick and still have ideas in my head of what I really want to do. Phooey…


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