School is a joke…

So, the school I picked was one of the top five worst decisions I’ve ever made in my life. The reality is, unless you go to school for something very specific like law school, medical school or even a certificate program to be a welder, you are pretty much left to fend for yourself. Public or private or for-profit. Long story short, the school I picked has put me in a monster of a jam because of their inability to coordinate veterans benefits along with excess grants and loans that get paid to me. I got an email stating that the situation was resolved but nothing further. Until the money is in my account I can’t rely on any of their bullshit. Anyways…

This frustration aside, I’m reminded that sub-professional degrees tend to be more of a joke than anything. Yea yea, it’s all about what you put into it and every situation is unique but this is about me right now. Once this period of being lied to passes by, I’m going to try and realign myself with a more meaningful education. For some reason I’ve fooled myself into thinking that I’ll be much better off having a degree behind me to fall back on a reliable career if my entrepreneurial spirit ends up killing itself completely off. I’m also reminded that one of the main motivations for going to school right now is to take advantage of the financial assistance that I earned. When I’m done and have some bullshit degree that I have to figure out how to manipulate with my scattered resume, I’m going to be sitting in the interview chair thinking to myself all the things I’d rather be doing with my life.

For some people, a career track coinciding with an education program is great. Regardless of the school or level of treatment you receive. I think the idea of education at all levels is extraordinarily important. Even from half-ass schools, having accomplished the feat of graduating a prolonged program is nothing to shake a stick at. It’s a sure way to ensure you have plenty more options when it comes to being employable or even having the knowledge to venture out on your own.

A part of me wishes I had a different school experience growing up that made me want to pursue a traditional degree from the start. Actually, I kinda wish I knew about ASU and and the fact that they had an aviation program that the GI Bill paid for along with a four year add on. Oh well… I can always go back to school again and again if I pay out of pocket for it. Stupid me decided to waste valuable benefits on a seemingly fly-by-night school. My real motivation lies in a realm that isn’t reliant on a degree so much anyways. It’s cliche to talk about all the uber successful people without finishing their degrees but theres a little breadth to that argument. I don’t want to be a person that spits in the face of education because I believe it has real value. I’m simply the kind of person that believes that more than just a degree gives a person credibility and the ability to do a ‘job.’ I’m not enticed by being a working professional though that’s ultimately what I’ll probably have to do until I can find an opportunity to do what I really love doing.


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