Good life…

Seems that no matter what I try to do or how I try to better myself I run into these damn roadblocks. I’m not the model ‘son’ people think I need to be nor am I a person that doesn’t make bad decisions but I think I keep my nose clean for the most part. I have a desire to command people to do right whenever and wherever they can. I like the idea of true integrity. Doing what you think is right even if no one is watching. It’s something I’ve been striving for lately in my life.

Amongst my trials that keep popping up, I have a desire for a good life. It’s the kind of life that has no regard for how much money one makes, or what kind of car one drives. I don’t have the expectation that everyone will always get along, but I believe in the notion of having true friends and a real support group. I believe in the feeling I was able to experience when I was sitting in my hammock on the bow of my boat. As much as I would have loved to continued to live that kind of stress free life, I made a conscious effort to spin my life up. There’s something bigger and better in store for me if I use my time here wisely. There’s not much I can give to the world by being confined to my own little world as I waste valuable time with the only goal of watching the sun go down with a cold beer in my hand.

We all need that kind of escape now and then. We need to be able to reward ourselves for hard work and determination. Even if the outward facing success isn’t quite there, it’s our right to experience a good life every now and then.


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