I just realized as I was trying to think of a blog post (and I have no good ideas for the night), is that I live and work now in ‘pods’ of sorts. Maybe we all do really. I park my car in a garage structure at my apartment complex. I then park my car in a garage structure at work. The school I go to has structured parking I think, and there are a few places that I’ve been enjoying the night life that have parking structures as well… There’s something to be said about human interaction when it comes to this concept. I wonder how many perfectly dateable women I pass on the freeway when I go to work, or even on my way to the store. Maybe I pass someone who I’m supposed to meet in my life and I never do. Maybe my life would be completely changed if I took one wrong turn at any given time. All I know is that the more I become accustomed to the ‘pods’ in which I live my life, the more I become oblivious to things all around me.

Seems we all live in our little structured life, as much as we may not like it at times. We stick with it because it’s comfortable. It’s safe. We learn the traffic along the way and know how to navigate.

So what happens when we allow ourselves to be pulled aside and shown a new way of thinking. Can we even accept it? Do we even realize that there is more to life than the path we hold so near and dear to our hearts?


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