Im really slacking lately on these blog posts… I think it’s a good thing though. I’m finally seeing some direction in my life that makes sense. Nothing glamorous by any means but life is good.

My lack of writing is not for lack of things going on in my life though. The comman-man tasks such as furnishing my apartment, buying a new car, beginning school, getting back into a work schedule have all been on the forefront of something more meaningful for me. To understand the life in which I am lost in, I feel like I need to get back on my own two feet. It’s a fine line because it seems my karma is always nipping at my heels and all it’ll take is one phone call, or one facebook status update and my world may come crashing to a halt.

There is something I feel I need to share but I have no idea what it is yet. Hopefully I can get enough people to stick around to see what it is when I figure it all out.


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