Post 304…

After a few days of realizing that my blog posts weren’t being written from the WordPress app, I decided to be a little less lazy and log into the site itself. Anyways…

I’m a little conflicted on my motivation right now. I’m getting comfortable finally with my new place and locale here in sunny California but found  a semi-familiar lack of focus on things. Might have to do with the fact that I’ve killed myself with a crazy workout this past week and my body is revolting against me.

I’m not a ‘materialistic’ kind of person. Really I’m not. But I do like nice things and enjoy the creature comforts of the finer things in life. With that, I see a LOT of money down here. I also see a lot of pseudo-money which means little to me. However the wealth was created, it is there. We can judge all we want about people who have quite a bit more than others but who are we kidding? We’re just jealous.

Where my motivation is heading is in the ‘stress-free’ realm of life. Even if it means thinking of ways to have a lot of money. I keep thinking about what was going through my head when I was sitting at the Dog House Saloon in North Carolina and decided that I would in fact open a restaurant. Though I did it, and for my level of expectation it was successful, I actually don’t feel like I accomplished my goal yet.

I don’t have as clear of a destination as I did that one hazy night when I decided my fate, but I do still have a little spark of something that needs it’s flames fanned. Maybe that fan has to be made of hundred dollar bills and I should quit being so whimsical about why I do what I do. I can save this deep emotional stuff for later.


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