I was completely utterly lost today in a realm I thought I could understand. I decided one of my priorities before giving up my air mattress and the lack of any functional furniture would be to get curtains for my bedroom. A downfall of my apartment in this complex is that it faces a pretty busy street and is a few hundred feet from interstate five. (It’s not as ghetto as I might be making it sound). Since the sound is slightly more than the kind of white noise that I actually like, I decided to look for a deal on some cheapy curtains. I actually scored a pretty nice set that was on clearance at my oh-so-favorite home accessory store, Bed Bath and Beyond. Unfortunately I am stuck on a tight budget for a short while so I actually had to give my self pep-talks to get past the kitchenwares and even the bedding sections.

What was really weird is when I got to the window covering area. What. The. Hell? I realized I need at least a part time girlfriend for these occasions. I’m usually pretty savvy with basic design functions and what not, but this is the first time in my life I actually had to pick out curtains. I wanted to drop to my knees and bury my face in the displays and start crying for help.

After several rounds through and around the aisles, I dove in. It was like trying to pick up a hot dog that you dropped into the campfire. Not sure why you’d really feel the need to save a hotdog after dropping it in the campfire, but the essence of what I was doing was there. After wincing a few times, and biting my nails as I hesitated to grab a style of curtain rod I felt amazingly relieved. I can do this! I don’t need a girlfriend to help me with this stuff.

But, I realized something… If I find someone who wants to get married, could we work all the way up to the ceremony and when the gifts are on the table we call it off and split the gifts? What is the rule on that?

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