My excuse…

You may have heard about or seen the Facebook picture with the mother and her three kids. She is pretty much has an amazing body and her initial comment was ‘what’s your excuse?’ Of course, she’s getting pummeled by people claiming that she’s arrogant, insensitive, a fraud, etc etc.

Good for her! Ya know, if she worked her ass off for something and she wants to share it with the world, so be it. No one has to continue to look at it if they don’t want to. Same as if I worked my ass off and bought a Ferrari. There would be haters for sure but it’s about accomplishing something.

This blog sucks. I have a weird headache again and I’m oddly tired. I’ve recently started my crazy workout regime and I think my body is starting it’s purging process again… Hopefully in my few months I’ll be able to post a picture of my personal progress and explain that with some dedication and perseverance, anything really is possible… Maybe I should take my own advice and quit living the way I’ve been living for so many years…


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