Back to good…

As I’m sitting here today enjoying a Sunday to do ‘not-a-damn-thing’ except for maybe a stroll down to the beach, I’m trying to rationalize the effect of what’s going on right now? One of my best friends wrote me today telling me how angry and stressed he is while using his well earned benefits to support his new family. At this point, we get nothing. Talk about government action hitting home.

In the past, politics was simply politics. Nothing more than conversation between people who wanted to act smart and pretend they had real convictions about what they feel. Guess what? It’s showtime baby! All the talk, all the the rhetoric, all the media pandering, all the griping and complaining has come down to this.

But you’re not affected right? Not everyone is at risk of not getting their benefits from military service. Not everyone is at risk like the children who can’t get medical care from NIH. Not everyone relies on the income from their federally funded job. Not everyone relies on the tourism industry from being near national parks. Not everyone will get ulcers thinking about how they are going to make ends meet while they see politicians laughing and galavanting around in their suits that probably cost more than I make in a month. It’s cool though right?

A part of me for some reason has faith that a budget deal will be made and funding will be restored. Phew! Now I can get back to living life like I always have. On the edge. There’s something looming on the horizon though. We’re all being warned about it so much that we block it out.

A pompous remark was made by this Ted Cruz idiot some time back and was reiterated by this Boehner character. “See, the government shut down and the world isn’t falling apart.” (or something along that line). Oh really? Phppft, I shouldn’t be so worried then. My bills will pay themselves.

To a point they were right. The world didn’t fall apart. On day one or two. Sure, people that got furloughed got a few days off. How long could it last anyways? They’ll get back pay anyhow. That is until the shutdown keeps pay from people who have bills and mortgages due. Is the government going to pay for late fees or the potential knock on credit scores?

As much as people would like to say that consumer finance is the most at risk, it’s not. The problem is much bigger than simply paying the bills. As the government throws out a facade of recovering from this ridiculous behavior, people will soon forget the impact this has had. It will take risky journalism to bring these events back to life again to remind people of what is really going on. Where’s the patriotism and solidarity that came from damn near everyone after the 9/11 attacks?

Once a deal is passed by the powers that be, it will be pushed off until we hit the next deadline. In the meantime we will live under a false sense of security that our future is in good hands. The politicians have made it very apparent that the government is no longer ‘of the people, for the people’ and because of ideals that aren’t necessarily right or wrong, we suffer.

The protests will wind down and a call to action will be nothing more than social media outcries that no politician is going to take heed to. No one will read blogs of people who are truly concerned and we will be lulled into a slumber while greed and ego runs us into the ground.

It’s a novel idea to think of what it’s going to be like on this earth in a few thousand years… When the governing infrastructure has crumbled and we are brought to our knees relying on nothing more than our friends and neighbors, how’s it going to work then?

2 comments on “Back to good…

  1. I feel like this government hostage situation is penalizing veterans the most. I work with other veterans who are experiencing concerns over being dropped from college classes for the semester because their tuition assistance is not getting paid in a timely manner and the disability payments will not be made on time. It seems like the same families are taking the hit on multiple fronts and their crime is serving this country. It’s wonderful that the decision-makers seem unaffected and at liberty to continue this mess as long as possible but seriously…

    • It’s disgusting really. What’s curious to me is it’s not like the money isn’t there to be paid. So lives have to be put on hold because of politician pride. I have my own ideals on where this country needs to be headed but a straight-up strangle hold like this is not the way to make a statement.

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