Judge not…

For some reason I’ve lived my life on the edge. Not the crazy ‘Red-Bull chick-getting, kind of edge. More like the ‘the life I think I’m trying to attain will fall away from me at any second’ kind of edge. The last few days have actually been emotionally draining for me listening to this government shutdown crap. The fact that I’m a veteran and am relying on them to pay for school the next year and a half is a factor in my feelings about all this, but it’s more so that I feel sad about our state of affairs. I mean, I truly feel sad. To the point where I think of my Class A Army Greens as a piece of ancient history now. Our problems are way more than the worlds strongest military can handle. I am embarrassed to say that I signed up willing to give my life for a country that is being run by complete fucking idiots. Listen to them on their interviews. Both sides. Both media outlets. They are speaking like spoiled rotten little elementary school kids without parental guidance. Why is all their effort going towards fighting the other side and positioning themselves in front of journalists instead of fixing the damn problem?

I wish people weren’t so god damned prejudiced. I was having an elicit affair with a particular person and one day she got in my car and the radio happened to be tuned to the same station that Rush Limbaugh is on. For no particular reason, and quite honestly I don’t really listen to the guy. Anyways, she got one quick second of the sound of it and adamantly started berating me for being some weird ultra conservative right wing nut job (or some other phrase that raging liberals use to put down people on the other side). This was all around the time of our current presidents first election. The sex was amazing, but the politics were enough to make me want to… Actually, the sex made up for it…

The problem was, is that anytime I voiced my opinion she immediately wanted nothing to do with it simply because my car radio was tuned to a station that aired Limbaugh. So fucking what? I remember even having my own version of Jimmy Kimmels trick on her. I even remember exactly what road we were driving on and what intersection we came to when this transpired. I remember trying to tell her that I believed in a particular policy that was specifically Obama’s and the liberal stance. She immediately shot me down saying I was wrong and blah blah blah… I gave up…

It seems to me that no matter who you are, or how right or wrong you are, people have a built in prejudice that prevents us from going anywhere. Our very government is the one thing I believe that should be void of all prejudice. Of course it’s not but fuck man…

So until these over paid pieces of shits make up their minds on how they’re going to further control every bit of our lives, I will continue to live and wait for things to hopefully not fall apart. Not only can I not rely on individuals to hold their promises, I can’t even rely on the regime that has trapped all of us into living within a certain set of standards that makes me wish 2012 wasn’t a fluke…


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