I think I was about thirteen years old when I was getting my hair cut at a cool little barbershop downtown run by a mother and daughter. The daughter was in fact pretty hot, but the fact that I was at a point in my life where my voice was still in the process of becoming less ‘boyish’, I figured she was a bit out of my league… Anyways, there was a discussion going on about heaven and hell and all that good stuff… Oh boy did I offend the entire shop that day!

I grew up being forced to go to church on occasion for reasons I never understood. I never felt comfortable at the church we went to as I was growing up, and I’ve never really liked any church for that matter. Religious people seem to back away from me quite regularly when I share my theory on who Jesus really was. It’s partly a joke, but partly I think religion is a huge front for scammers and hypocrites. Anyways, to keep from expanding on my reasons for going against the grain I was thinking about something fairly important to me today. It was the question I was asked while I was getting my hair cut almost twenty years ago.

“What about you David, do you believe in hell?”

Me: “absolutely. In fact, I think the life we live here on earth is the hell that is talked about in so many religions.”

Nothing but silence. Being an impressionable young kid raised on guilt and mind-fucking, I was strangely stalwart in my declaration. Normally my innate consideration of other people’s ideas would make me feel the least bit bad for speaking of such a thing. I didn’t and still don’t feel bad for feeling this way. The more and more I think about it, the more and more I think it’s true.

Knowing that I’m not a ‘christian man’ by nature, I still have the ability to look at things objectively. There was a video thingy-majig that was posted on Facebook today. Spoken by Paul Harvey from 1965. Here’s a link as I religious as I am, I absolutely loved listening to Paul Harvey before he passed. I remember timing my lunch break while working at an auto shop specifically to hear his daily commentary. I never knew about this until today, and though it’s nothing shocking for me because of what I believe, it’s something I think some people truly won’t understand. The underlying message of ‘Christianity’ is moot to the real purpose of this message. My motivation to share this isn’t because I share the same ideologies of the modern day Christian. I digress.

This is the closest thing to the real truth as I have ever seen it. The figure of ‘satan’ in this context (or any other figure in the base religion of this message) can easily be adapted to a way of thinking applicable to any religion or way of life. Anyways… That’s my thought on it.

Thing is, the life we are living here on earth is hell. People ask ‘what kind of god would allow things like this to happen?’ Well, obviously the one that so many here believe in. Pain, suffering, love, hate, envy, guilt, gluttony… I’d google a list of these things, but hopefully you get the point. We live in a world where we can watch within our own generation, the downfall of society to a point of no return. How can we possibly pull people away from things that are going to ultimately be the demise of the human race? We breed like there’s going to be never ending resources for our offspring, we waste beyond comprehension, and we live for ourselves and not for others. Dividing ourselves into groups is the way of life that may seem like it brings people together, but really we are tearing ourselves apart. Within classrooms kids form little groups, within workplaces and social circles adults do the same thing. Obviously politically parties illustrate this and even further beyond religion, we have nations declaring independence from another nation who ultimately has the same issues going on that any other nation does… Down to the core of it all… The children.

I am excited to die someday. Not anytime soon though. There’s plenty of things I would like to see through before my time is up, but sheeze, how cool would it be to be free from the agony we humans put ourselves in. Then again, how cool would it be to be free from it while we are still alive on this earth?



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