I decided to stop at a place tonight that I was sure would have reliable internet… Of course my luck has it, I can’t get a signal to save my life. So, I’m hoping to write something and stand with a foot in the air while I stick my thumb in my ass in hopes of grabbing a signal just long enough to upload something…

Seems to be the story of my life. I can’t get a decent signal. I give people and things the benefit of the doubt too much and I end up getting the shaft. I remember about ten years ago I was going to throw a few thousand bucks into some stocks. I was getting tired of the futures market and wanted something a little more mainstream for a change. I thought it would be cool to research the companies behind the big-ass cable that runs along the ocean floor and connects places like North America and Europe. Soo, I land at Tyco. Wow, cool… Their prospectus seemed in shape and the outlook was great… Well, for some stupid reason (the reason had a vagina), I held off on investing… Good thing because Tyco has about the same investment value of Enron. I got lucky on that, but I didn’t see the signals that any prudent trader should have seen. Phew…

My dating life is about the same way. Actually, even my ‘friend’ life works that way as well. Hell, my wifi scoping skills are on par with all of my life as well. Seems that I can’t quite get the signal or ‘hint’ as we know it…

I’d love to meet myself in the polar opposite universe that I’m sure I’m living in.

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