That smell…

Sitting here at a rest stop in South Dakota… Working my way back to Washington and then onward to California for the official move. Not that I have a lot of stuff to move, but I’ll be starting school and a new job..l can’t frickin wait…

It sure stinks out here. It’s pretty much the cows I think. Maybe it’s me… All I know is this neck of the woods is not my kind of place. It is however a really interesting state for a road trip someday. The badlands, black hills… Once I find a good travel companion I may like to take a few weeks and drive around the US in a non-big vehicle so I can pull off and explore a little bit.

Just keepin’ the flow going with some sort of blog again. A million things on my mind but I can’t write a single one… Looks like I’m going to go back to watching cat videos for the rest of the night…


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