No one cares about politics or what someone else’s opinion is… Got it… Just by the initial reading of my blog post for the day, I imagine this wont get much attention. I’ll give it a shot anyways…

This isn’t about what’s right or wrong right now. It’s about ignorance of the facts. I mean that in the truest sense of the phrase. I was listening to NPR today and got really irritated when I realized that the political topic at hand was actually not even being discussed. Something about Obamacare and government shut down, blah blah fuckin’ blah…

The entire show simply highlighted opinions that either lawmakers or constituents had about this rubbish. Well, what does the actual text say in these bills? What is the actual ‘stuff’ that is being debated? Does anyone actually know? Here’s a simpler way of thinking about it…

A budget. I was reading through some websites for the homely little town of Port Orchard, WA a while back. A budget was laid out with general distribution of funds going to different departments. Like police, fire, public works, admin, etc etc… This ‘budget’ that was being voted on gave nothing more down the line. So, you just give a million to the police department and assume its being used wisely? Or you justify your voting position based on the pieces of the budget that you want to highlight?

My question has always been; How is the money actually being spent… Down to the cent? Same as school budgets, or even military… A certain amount is allocated to a department yet at some level down the line, accountability gets loose… I know it would be a logistical nightmare to vote on such a thing and nit pick down to the loose change, but to relate this idea to what’s being debated all over radio and TV… It’s like they are creating a budget not only without accounting for every dollar, they are creating something without even being able to communicate whatever the hell it is they are arguing about…

Assuming any reader’s eyes would be glazed over by this point if they are reading at all, I think I just proved my point.

There are entire institutions and legacies built around the idea of politics. It’s big money and if it was simplified as it should be, a LOT of people would be out of a job. There is more at stake to win a political argument rather than deal with the actual issue at hand. All sides of the argument are getting ridiculous and I think supporters of any side don’t even know what the hell they are supporting in the first place.


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