Cat eating festival…

Today has been a plethora of mind-fucks for me… Browsing through Facebook someone mentioned it being Sunday… I honestly seriously thought it was Saturday and my brain started to flush because I thought I was going crazy. Weirdest feeling I’ve had in a while… Then, I didn’t realize that I picked out the red white and blue peanut M & M’s so when I was glancing in the bag all I saw was white balls of… What the hell? Another moment of truly second guessing myself. I show up to drop my last load in Kansas and my dispatcher says ‘did you pick up that other load in New Mexico?’…. Uhh, are you kidding me? I’m in Kansas already. I didn’t get instructions to pick anything up in New Mexico… Once again, I stop and look around… Am I being punked? I glance at my legs just to be sure I put pants on this morning….

To top it all off, I browse the news headlines and see this…


Did the associated press actually highlight this article with this picture? How can a normally aspirated person not laugh at this without feeling guilty because of the fact that they are eating cats?

This blog isn’t about supporting or opposing whatever it is they are doing in Peru. It’s not my business and I could honestly care less. As long as they aren’t making the cats suffer before skewering them and putting them on the BBQ then it’s all good. I’ll pass on having a taste of Mr. Mittens though…

I’m considering contemplating what it must be like to be one of those guys in the background of that picture… And what the hell is going on in the mind of that poor cat?


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