Number two…

And by number two, I don’t want you to have the idea that I’m going to talk about the strangely uncomfortable body functions that can absolutely ruin a first date.

This is number two for the day. I finished with a half-assed blog a bit ago and went to use the restroom… It hit me. No, not number two. Well, actually yes number two… Number two blog… I need to catch up on my year-long quota anyways…

I notice I get a fair number of readers and referrals from tagging my posts with ‘blogging or writing’… I then noticed how annoyed I am at iOS 7 on my phone… With a few thousand readers I would love to give my in depth analysis of the software update causing such an uproar, but none of the people that read my blog would really benefit from it. That’s what tech sites and news articles are for. Same goes for vehicle reviews. With the sudden increase in various rental cars I’ve been driving, I’d love to write about my experiences with them and maybe even earn some respect from car manufacturers and have them ask for my real opinion about things… Once again, I’m shot down by the simple reality that I’m just a little guy… I have a better shot at winning the lottery than being a new car reviewer slash blogger.

And this moment of realization is not to defer any importance or appreciation I have for my loyal readers. I simply wish I could offer more. Well, here’s my attempt at sharing some knowledge that may be useful and maybe even shared within the blogging community… One can dream right?

I started this blog with zero subscribers. Aside from linking to Facebook and Twitter, I had nobody. Day after day after day I got more and more subscribers from the WordPress community. Joy! Really… It’s why I did this little project…

Here’s what I’ve learned along this journey without a predetermined captive audience and without a bloated friends list on social media…

1. Write what you want to write. No one is paying to read these. If they don’t like it, there’s thousands more blogs to read. And do you go to sleep with them at night? If not, then don’t worry about it.

2. Don’t over think it. Unless you are genuinely trying to get noticed by some New York Times editor or some publishing company or even Good Morning America, just write the way you want to. Don’t have anything to say? So what… Write that down. Doesn’t make sense? Who cares! That’s the fun of doing something like this.

3. Be edgy. At your own comfort level of course. Want to discuss using hot pink thread while crocheting your grandchildren toboggans? Do it! Want to discuss the ramifications of eating Taco Bell before spending three days on a small sailboat with a hot girl? Do it! However your readers find you, they will appreciate riveting pieces. Even if you write about travel and pictures you’ve taken, be candid and open with everything. Don’t be afraid to share things that you otherwise wouldn’t want to offend people with… Remember, it’s your blog!

4. Don’t name names without approval… But also, don’t be afraid to name names without names…

5. Keep it real. These tips are from the perspective of not having a set topic of discussion per say. Don’t say anything in your blog that you wouldn’t be able to answer for if someone called you out on the street. Whether its random thoughts day after day, or maybe simple reviews of local restaurants, be prepared to be O.K. With your words. The truth may hurt some, but at least it’s the truth.

6. Ignore academia. Misspelled words? Who cares! It’s a blog! Sentence structure poor? Screw it! Improperly cited? Just mention if you are borrowing thoughts or words from someone. If someone has a problem with it at least you can say you made a half-ass effort to credit the source and that the idea wasn’t totally yours.

7. Get to know your readers. Whenever I get a new follower or ‘liker’ I check them out. I read their blogs or bio and see who’s interested in what I have to say. I won’t say I try to cater anything I write to anyone in specific, but if I know the general audience I have a better idea of what I want to share.

8. Write drunk. Or if you don’t drink, write when you’re emotional about something. Good or bad. Try this every once in a while. Not all the time though… The last time I’ve written anything on here while having any sort of drink was way back in March or April I think… Time for me to get drinkin! But really, it’ll make for a bit more interesting of a read for others if you write when your inhibitions are down and PC is out the window. And if you’re not the drinker type, write something after having a quad shot espresso or something…

9. Write naked! You’re wondering if I’m naked now huh? Or when I was naked writing past entires… Well, I’m not naked now… Sorry. But sometimes, it’s nice to get out of the shower flop on the bed, pick up the iPad and just let it all hang out… (Sorry, had to)… It’s just you and the blog… And the world… Just leave off your camera in case something goes awry… Writing can get quite interesting when you leave certain things at the door.

10. Don’t write ‘everything’. No one really cares about your life… Except those who like to read what you write and judge you and talk shit about you to other people… I leave a lot of my life out of this blog for several reasons. Sometimes it’s out of respect for others. I can’t quite come to grips with publicly stating how shitty of people they really are. Sometimes I’m just tired.. Many times I have so much on my mind that I end up shutting down when it comes time to relax with the writing device of the night… Either way, I believe writing is partly a personal therapy for our own internal issues and it could be a simple waste to talk about every, stinking, little, thing, that goes on in your life…

So there… My number two for the night. Hope you get some enjoyment out of that and feel free to leave me some feedback or hell, share it on your blog… I think after this year of writing, I’m going to give something away to one (or maybe more) of my loyal readers… Trust me… It’ll be good…


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