P.C. Rape and Prostitution…

So, I offended a few people with a blog post about a ‘date’ scenario with a girl I was seeing. Meh, oh well. Basically she wanted to have a good old fashioned date. The kind where I came to pick her up, she would be getting ready, she comes out half an hour late making the trip to the restaurant more stressful than I cared, I was supposed to impress her with a flower or something… And in the end, she thought she would do me a favor and give me a piece of ass at the end of the night… Phew, good thing I worked up for that one.

Did I just pay for sex? Yup.

You know when I didn’t get it from her? When I spent four damn hours giving her a massage one night. Did I get sex for not paying anything that night? Nope…

You know where this is going right? This applies to the mainstream guy in the generation of dating we’ve been in for quite some time. Even if he doesn’t spend money directly on her, money is a driving factor in getting anything out of a potential partner. Gender variables aside, this whole game is bullshit. I think it’s why I’ve been a bit turned off from dating, or even trying to date. If someone really doesn’t like me, I need to figure out a way to find out before spending ridiculous amounts of money on shit that does me absolutely no good.


So, you might be thinking “what’s that ‘rape’ thing about?”

As much as I’d like to refer to my favorite topic of yoga pants, I want to be a little more blunt. In the last few months I was in a hip-ish kind of bar/club with a friend. She’s beautiful… Really. But she was really pissing me off. I don’t like the club scene or any variation of it. I feel like I’m at a cattle auction. Meatheads, douchebags, sluts… Blah blah blah… So, she stands at the bar and ‘playfully?’ Starts flirting with some random guys. And then it was like the twilight zone. A swarm of guys came around taking turns trying to convince her of something. One guy would leave and tap-in another and put her in a weird predicament. Well, she did it to herself. My role is not to save anyone from themselves. Long story short, it was a bunch of guys looking for a gang bang. So why her? There was plenty of other good looking women in there, and quite a few that were probably drunk enough to do it….

As the night drew to a close, we got back to the house and she seemed moderately upset or perturbed at me that I didn’t do anything to intervene… How do I tell someone that they are a natural at looking like they want to get gang raped by a bunch of middle aged men? If I were to say anything, I’d come across as the jealous guy in the ‘friend zone’ and just to spite me, she’d probably end up going ahead with it. What a pickle we guys find ourselves in.

This is a unique person to me and cannot be compared to many other women, but the underlying idea made me realize that ‘some’ women naturally act a certain way that will get them into trouble. It’s not a fault, just a way of life in this generation…

So if dating is politically correct prostitution, what is politically correct rape? The blunt definition of rape in the context of this topic direction, is simply taking sexual liberties with someone without their consent. Guy offers a girl a ride home from the bar and decides that he wants more, yet she simply wanted a ride… She put herself in a situation not thinking she would be raped, but that he was a genuine person. So the story goes…

A ‘nice guy’ in a social setting starts talking to a girl, puts on his game face and gets her attention. “Gee he’s a nice guy…” This rape scenario could take days or weeks… He will only show her the side that garners wooing from her. Maybe plays her a song on the guitar, takes her for a ride in his co-signed car, maybe even takes her to the humane society to look at puppies. Then finally, she gives in. They are cuddled on the couch watching a movie and she decides to give it up. Bam! He’s getting the poon. All his hard work has paid off. Until he blows his load and he realizes that it’s game over. He decides he wants no more of it. He doesn’t call her back…

Was that rape? I my opinion, yes. Some guys get really deep into manipulation before trapping her into a situation she can’t get out of. My lame example above isn’t even the worst I’ve seen in guys.

So, instead of dating and spending money on a girl to get her to put out, why not just get a prostitute? You’re controlling your expenses and you knew what the end result is going to be. And instead of putting on a front to trick someone into having sex with you, why not just take it, blow your load and leave?

I’m not condoning either of these topics and shame on anyone for thinking I do. My point is, rape culture is alive and well. It happens all the time. Every scenario could take volumes to describe and correlate to this idea, but we can take a look at some realities right under our noses. If girls act like sluts and dress in a way that invites sexual attention, they may not get raped in the traditional sense, but in a way that they’ll never even realize was rape. And pre-dating status acceptance of gifts or someone else paying the tab is in my opinion offering something for payment…

And as a last thought as I re-read this, it isn’t even about what a girl wears or what kind of physical attributes she has. Class and confidence is sexy, and does not invite unwelcome advances from men looking for easy prey. Someone that doesn’t learn what a ‘bad situation’ is to be in, is going to be more prone to having this shit happen. Girls, quit being naive… Guys, be real men…


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