Never mind…

I was writing a little tonight about the crazy amount of hits I still get in regards to my yoga pants posts. I was trying to think about how to be funny about yoga pants while pointing out obvious benefits for both sexes. Then something hit me… Rape. I’m all of a sudden out of a comfortable place to write about this tonight because of some very serious things that I have been witness to in my past. I need to rethink how I can communicate what I’m thinking about this phenomena surrounding the increasing popularity of yoga pants and their ties to carnal sexuality.

Yoga pants don’t cause rape. Women don’t cause rape. Well, unless they act like total sluts and hit on anything that moves yet expects them to respect her no matter what. Of course there’s rape on all sides of gender pairing but primarily it resides in men raping women. In this case, men are pretty much the aggressor.

I can’t write tonight… I’ll continue this topic later.


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