The trip from Cheyenne through Denver onward to Omaha brought about a feeling that I’m strangely happy to have had again. It’s a feeling that keeps me centered during this trying time in my life. The full circle effect is quite evident in my life right now. Friends and a small part of family are proving that some things simply endure. Along the way I’ve managed to scoop up some interesting experiences with some pseudo-friends along the way. I’ve relied on those pseudo-friends too much in my life and I’m finding a way to set myself free. Finally.


I’ve been voluntarily reduced to almost nothing. Again. It’s rough but this road will be the one I pave for myself and anyone in my future. And for anyone that comes along for the journey. As much as I’d love to speculate about exactly what I’m going to do with myself,  I can’t right now. It would be irresponsible of me to hold myself to a standard for the sake of saving face. Let the judgement reign.


I’m waiting for the one phone call to bring me to my knees. It will happen soon I know. Maybe it won’t be a phone call. Maybe a Facebook status update. Either way, there’s no better time than now to prepare for personal catastrophe.


It’s truly a shame how much money dictates what we can do with our lives. Altruism aside, it’s damn near impossible to make any change in the world we live without the influence of money. I can’t stand it.


This is a bit of random thought tonight, this blog, but also a reflection of the impending storm that feels like is coming. My life can’t be this stagnant for long, and neither can society. On the grand scheme of things I feel like we are on the brink of major socio-political meltdown. Deny it or argue it if you will, but the writing is on the wall.


Just as I need to tread lightly as I traverse to the next chapter in my life, all of us need to take a bit of time to recognize what is going on around us. We may soon realize that it’s going to take a lot more than a donation to research or a cause to make some real change in our world. We may actually have to get off our assess and help out our fellow mankind. And not do it for the money or good conscious. We may actually have to do it to survive on this earth.

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