Stupid war…

I gave my time to our military and I believe I have a right to bitch and complain about this. Really, Obama? You and your followers tore apart the Bush administration about the Iraq invasion. Regardless of the truth of the facts, this Syria thing is NOT what we need to get into. Ever. It’s a shame and a horrible realization to know that people are being killed by the hundreds of thousands in those parts of the world, but it’s not our fight.

A strange thing about being at war. I felt safer in Iraq than I do walking to my car after dark in some places back in the states. Even in Moses Lake it wouldn’t be out of the question to be jumped and robbed by some gang member looking for initiation rights or even a druggy trying to steal to get their fix.

But really. What does Syria’s civil war have to do with the security of our nation? If shit goes down hill in the future and for whatever reason they decide to attack us then I’m quite sure there won’t be much opposition to fight back. Regardless of the level of ignorance for facts by the ‘terrorists’, they are fighting against our ideals. Cool. Let them. Lets cut off the aid that we give them and instead of wasting gazillion dollar missiles on them, lets use that money to do something better with our own country.

Humanity has taken a turn for the worse and in my opinion, the actions of our government is doing nothing to help the greater cause. Greed and power won’t mean much when mankind eradicates itself for stupid fuckin’ reasons.

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