Sleepy news…

My day in paradise sucks about now. Stuck in the middle of Arizona during crazy random thunderstorms and downpours. I get to head back to Southern California tomorrow though and I’m hoping to take a few days off to clear my head.

I just deleted many paragraphs of this blog because I’m a broken record right now. I think I need to write more about yoga pants because months after my set of blogs about them, I still get a fair number of hits from search engine results sending people to my page about yoga pants. It’s crazy.

If the internet wasn’t already flooded with yoga-pant tribute sites I’d consider capitalizing on that concept.

We need a revolution. 2012 was a disappointment. Pot legalization is getting old. The wars in the middle east are about as productive as well, nothing really. Race equality is still at unrest but it’s old news. Miley Cyrus resembles the general direction that pop culture is headed but it’s the farthest thing from a revolution.

How about something real? Something big! Like a new civilization being formed. A currency that is derived from goods and service rendered instead of speculation. A system of community support without taking away from reward for hard work. A set of covenants that members would abide by for the good of the society, not for financial gain for any one party.

I’m simply tired right now. The news is disappointing lately and I think it’s time we got woken up.


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