On my drive today from Bakersfield to Southeast Los Angeles onward to Lake Havasu I heard a song… Damnit… It reminded me of someone that I can’t figure out how to get out of my head. A much as I got the feeling that I wish I could save the song for someone who appreciates me, I don’t want to ever forget the memories I had with this person.

Our lives can be summed up in a playlist of sorts. You know the feeling. A song takes you back in time and reminds you of someone special or maybe just an event or a period in your life. On my drive today I actually heard quite a few. I guess no one here really cares what songs go to which memory except for maybe the people that it reminds me of.

‘Drops of Jupiter’-Lori
‘White Wedding’-Daniel
‘I’m Yours’-Ame
‘Piece of Shit Car’-Erek
‘Truly Madly Deeply’-Richelle
‘Hallelujah’-Sarah J
‘Melt’-Sarah the Dancer
‘Call Me Al’-When I was a kid and life was good
‘Honkin’ on Bobo’ by Aerosmith – On a C-130 middle of the night somewhere in the Middle East…
‘Gin and Juice’ (the country version) – Chris
‘The Broken Road’ -Tara

… I could spend all night listing them… It’s awesome to reflect… But I’ll stop for now…

Not only can we plug a song in to almost every aspect of our life, we can transport our minds back to a place and time that we might absolutely be in love with.

I heard another song on the radio… It had no special memory for me but its been one of the favorites over the years. ‘Twilight Serenade’ by Jason Myles Gross. I even have it in my personal music collection. Truth is, it’s not playlisted yet. Maybe it’s number will come up in my life someday. There’s a lot of other songs out there that are waiting in the wings for new memories to come up.

I highly doubt that any of the songs I listed above will be my wedding song (haha, me married) or even the one played at my funeral. I can say I’m pretty excited to hear the new stuff that is going to attach itself to a special part of my life.

Now if only I could sing…


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