Self Centered Twits…

This might seem like old news for some people but as I was thinking of something to write about today, this got my blood flowing… I put my two cents in but below I pasted text from a Facebook post along with a link. I can think of quite a few entitled twits that I’ve run into in my life that should take heed to this kind of message. I don’t try to flaunt any sort of time spent in the military or deployments. I did in fact volunteer and I don’t expect special treatment from anybody but there are some things that are hard to turn the other cheek to. Here’s a shining example… Just since its fresh in my memory…

During the last few weeks of flight school I took a ride with some of the kids that went to the school. Still wet behind the ears is an understatement. This particular individual I rode with had a nearly brand new car that was bought for him. He doesn’t work, it’s paid off and he got his flight school paid for. Good for him right? I made a joke while I was in the car about how nice it must be to have someone buy you a brand new car. There was a slight hesitation before the rebuttal from the back seat passenger was ‘wait a second, you don’t have to pay anything for flight school and you get paid to go to school…’ (With the GI bill as some may know pays for school and you get a housing allowance plus any financial aid such as Pell grants etc…)… I do feel fortunate to have those benefits but I wanted to snap when I heard that. Undeserving little twits have no idea what It took to get the benefits that I rightfully earned.

You sniveling self entitled little shitheads have absolutely ZERO room to talk when you haven’t done shit with your life. It’s not even about military service or not. The statement that was made to me in that car sums up the attitude that so many of these ‘kids’ have towards not only Veterans but their elders, and really, other people in general. I’ve heard enough in the past years through the grapevine, to my face or in passing to have a little fire ignite every once in a while. I bit my tongue more often than not because I realize that these kids are soft. they don’t understand life yet. It’s part of growing up. Some people simply grow up before others. What amazes me is the sheer ignorance that not only young people display but the adults that influence them. I say again, I never expect anyone to treat me any different because of anything I’ve done in my past but it’s quite frustrating to see what’s happening here… I wish I could be more blunt…

The underlying problem I see in all of this is the self-centeredness epidemic. Whether we are Americans, Muslims, White, Black, Asian, spoiled kids, Veterans… whatever… We are all humans stuck on this same earth. When we stop caring for and respecting others shit falls apart. I digress… I have to get back on the road to try to live a life that has not been handed to me…

Please read below…
Written by an old Soldier of mine.

Who is the asshole? Is it the Iraq/Afghan combat veteran who is guaranteed to speak from the heart without empathy? Or is it the civilian that expects the utmost cordiality from a trained and seasoned gunfighter? Is it realistic to expect someone whose sole purpose has been death and destruction for 4-10 years to act and speak in the most civilized manner? Should you expect him to display sympathy for what you consider to be sad or unfortunate? Though military service is 100% volunteer you should take a few things into consideration. When you were in college doing keg stands and joining your respective Frats, he was watching his friends die, and get their legs blown off. When you were upset about someone not texting you promptly, he was happy to get a package in the mail with socks, toothpaste, and cigarettes. When you were attending weddings and graduation ceremonies, he was going to funerals and visiting his friends memorials. When you were at the mall shopping for things you didn’t really need, he was in the PX buying gear he needed to survive the next week of his life. While you were studying in an air conditioned room, he was patrolling in 130 degree heat wearing 70 lbs of gear. The years vary for us all. We are what time and circumstance make us. If you are a civilian, you are entitled to think your vet buddy is an asshole for being so blunt, critical, and “mean.” Just know that vet may think you are spoiled, weak and jaded. The friend you grew up and went to school with is not the same person you knew. While you have observed all the conflicts around the world from your couch and bar room stools, that vet has the dirt from those countries still in the treads of his boots. He truly may not care what you think of him as your opinions may take 2nd and 3rd priority to those of his brothers that he fought and bled with him from age 18 on. Just some food for thought.

– Mustang


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