Beer gut…

I started (I hope) a diet plan again… It’ll be a bit more of a challenge being that I’m confined to a truck for the greater part of my days but I’m ashamed at what I’ve allowed to happen to my body. Not being superficial but it’s amazing how awesome I feel even after a few days of not having sodas or sugary crap. It’s soo hard to stop by a truck stop and not grab a big gulp sized jug of Mountain Dew or Pepsi… And being on the road for six to eight hours in one stretch sucks when the only thing I can do to occupy myself is snack… I did find that having a thermos full of hot water comes in handy for fresh brewed tea on the go. And I can use it to make my oatmeal in the morning… I can’t wait to feel better about myself again…

I’ve got to sleep for now but I think I might share a bit of my new menu plan while out on the road… Is nothing fancy by any means but the proof will be in the pudding… No pun intended….


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