Another revolution…

After a long day of driving I had came up with a few good ideas for tonight… Douche-Bag drivers, sex (which short of Yoga Pants, is my highest viewed topic for this year), the afterlife, why baked beans make you toot… The list went on really. Towards the end of my day I turned to the news station and heard at last count, another seventy people died in Egypt. Apparently the police were authorized to use live ammunition to shoot into the crowd of protestors…

I honestly can’t say I confidently know what the real beef is over there but ya know what? They are putting us to shame. It’s no wonder the Muslims despise the Americans… We are stuck on greed and ego. What would we fight for? All we can do right now is support the military for wars that don’t quite make sense as it applies to the advancement of the human race. How many of us would truly have the balls to walk out our front doors and actually stand for what we believe in? So much to the point that YOU (not the forgotten soldiers that our military is) would die for it?

As a former Army soldier I truly appreciate the respect I’ve gotten from (some) people and think patriotism is absolutely important… But… We Americans fight on a false front. Through media and electronic communications. We fight through politics and rhetoric. It’s quite disgusting. Have I mentioned that I’m disappointed that 2012 didn’t come through as expected?


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