What it is, again…

Simple dialogue tonight for a post. I spent most of my weekend recovering from an obnoxious switch in sleep patterns while out driving  a truck. I only have two more days before I’m assigned my own truck and can run a schedule on my terms. Why did I let my life get to this point again?

Yesterday I laid face down on the bed and completely crashed. I woke a few hours later from a weird-ass dream and had one of those paralyzing moments where I could not bring myself to move. I’ve had it happen when I was face up but never face down in the pillows. You know what I’m talking about right? It felt like something was holding me down and suffocating me. I was conscious enough to know what was going on and I could hear the television and people in the hallway but I couldn’t move a muscle to save my life. I started to get a bit nervous when I managed to lift one arm up to try and leverage myself over on my back but then there was an overwhelming sensation that I was being slammed back into position. I tried to make noises from my mouth to try and stimulate my brain to wake up but I couldn’t even speak. I would have just let the experience happen but something just didn’t feel right. Anyways… that’s an indication as to how tired I’ve been.

I need a massage…Photo on 8-11-13 at 10.24 PM


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