Hollow point coffee…

I really wish I didn’t have to resort to writing my blog today from my phone. I saw an article pop up about the Starbucks in Newtown, CT closing early for the respect of the people that went through what they did. Regardless if it has to do with the ‘open carry day’, there’s something really wrong with this. Are people that ignorant to believe that opposing legal gun ownership and carrying is going to change the tides right now? You know how those kids’ lives could have been saved? Not a ‘gun free zone’ sign or useless legislation… Their lives would have been saved by allowing law abiding citizens to carry a weapon if they so choose. Plain and simple. I would bet my life on the fact that if one of those teachers or school staff had a weapon, they would have taken that useless pile of crap out or at least die trying.

When Victoria Soto was killed while trying to protect those kids, you think that she was thinking ‘This school could really use a No Weapons sign right now…’…? Regardless of what her ideals were, I would bet if she had access to a weapon, she would have stood even taller in the face of danger and taken the shooter out. Maybe I’m being presumptuous about people but come on people, lets get real here…

I am a believer in aiming towards a peaceful society where violence is a thing of the past, but we are not even close yet. We can’t let the criminals and crazies take us out before we have a chance to do real good in this world.

I for one applaud anyone that has the gumption to legally carry a weapon and actually educate themselves on the responsibility they have. For all the raging liberal hippies out there that get the call that your kid is part of another school massacre or maybe at a mall, I hope you find it in your heart to appreciate the people that proudly carry a weapon to defend your snot nosed little twits so they can grow up thinking that signs and lawmakers are going to change the world.

Get a clue people. It’s becoming a worn out argument but it seems that idealism outweighs common sense here. Gun laws won’t keep criminals from using them on unarmed, responsible citizens. All the laws do is make it easier for criminals to take what they want. They are winning this war.

I carry whenever I can. I’m responsible with it though. I do my best to hide it and not offend people or scare little kids that don’t know any better. But rest assured, if I’m carrying and something goes down like the Texas Cafe shooting, Clackamas Mall or even Newtown, I’m going to put my eight hundred dollar Sig Sauer .380 to good use. If I have to face prosecution for killing a mass murderer or even die trying to protect innocent unarmed people, I will do just that.

I say again, if we limit in any way the rights of law abiding citizens to carry a weapon, we are simply handing over victory to bad guys. Period.


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