Life in a box…

Fifty hours is all it takes to get a truck of my own. Fifteen more hours of this shit and I can finally get on my own schedule and begin my transition to California. Driving semi is awesome aside from the fact that these trainers aren’t very conscious about what other people might need. I drive all night after trying to get some resemblance of sleep during the day in the sleeper bunk. The last few mornings coming from Portland to Seattle I’ve been beyond tired. Five hour energy drinks don’t even do justice anymore. My sleep cycle is completely screwed up right now and if I didn’t know any better I’d say this job is for the birds. But it’s not. My starting pay is well above what I’d start out if I landed a flying job (pun intended) and this allows me to move just about anywhere. Aside from some other projects I’m deciding to work on in Cali, I’m going to get my multi-engine rating when I get settled in down south. Not really to make myself marketable for a job, but because when I decide to buy my own plane, I want to have the most options available. Unless I run into some super awesome celebrity that wants me to fly them around, I’m going to save my pilot license for fun instead of work. Jennifer Aniston, if you’re reading this I’d like to be your personal pilot. So anyhow, this is a scattered post because sitting in a super bumpy sleeper cab through mountain roads isn’t conducive to formal creativity. And the cell coverage for my iPad sucks right now so I’ll upload what I can…


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